provides individuals who have made the difficult decision to divorce with the information they need in order to quickly, cheaply, and effectively secure an online divorce, annulment, or legal separation.

The team at wants you to know that this online divorce review website was created for the purpose of helping couples have an amicable divorce without litigation, if divorce is what they choose to do. Our hope is that you can get through a divorce as peacefully as possible without spending your life savings. As long as you and your spouse are in agreement, then you pretty much can do whatever you want. You just may need some guidance in figuring out the best strategy to get through the court system. You need two people who agree to keep things as “nice” as possible, and seek emotional support with a professional therapist if you struggle in this area.

There’s a lot of information out there about divorce and how to do it. The paperwork can be lengthy and time-consuming for the inexperienced. Most people would find it difficult to stay focused and on track when going through an emotional roller coaster of a divorce.

Below is a starting point to discuss in what areas you are in agreement on the issues that pertain to your family. On areas where you are not in agreement, try not to fight, but just write them down with a plan to address them later.

1. Should you divorce? Is this what you both want?
2. Each develop a budget so you know how much you are going to need to survive the separation.
3. When will you start separating your living space?
4. Where will you each live?
5. What are you going to do about the children?

At, we researched the top online divorce sites in the United States to bring you a comparison of services offered by them, and then give you our recommendation. Our goal is that you can experience simplicity in this process, but more importantly, achieve results of an amicable divorce.

On a personal level, the owner of went through a very lengthy and expensive divorce herself, so she knows the type of information that would be helpful for someone in a similar situation. She wants to provide knowledge to others that will help them not make the same mistakes she made. There are very good resources out there to guide you through the court system and grow you as a person in the process.

As you will find out as you go through the reviews and the comparison chart provided, our personal recommendation for the best online divorce forms service is as follows:

#1 MyDivorcePapers
#2 iDivorceForms

That being said, we try to be unbiased with the reviews we provide and recommend you take a look at the comparison chart and reviews, so you can make the best decision for you.