After researching many of the online divorce sites out there, we discovered major differences in the services and information provided to the customer. Below, we have picked six of different online divorce document preparation providers. It has been compiled in a Comparison Chart so that you can easily and quickly find viable choices when choosing a do-it-yourself online divorce depending on your needs.

Comparison Chart brings you in-depth reviews of various online divorce services available. This chart gives you a quick glance of the differences found among six of the most popular online divorce forms websites.

  • Free Registration & Qualification
  • Real Time Forms To Complete?
  • Attorney Support
  • Detailed Serving Guidelines
  • Child Support Calculator
  • Alimony Calculator
  • Parenting Plans Offered
  • Free Name Change
  • Live Chat
  • Phone Support
  • Divorce, Annulment & Separation
  • Full Editing Capabilities
  • Total States Serviced
  • Unlimited Customer Support
  • Delivery Method
  • Turnaround Time
  • Ability to Serve Spouse & File Forms
  • Document Formatting
  • Better Business Bureau Rating
  • Attorney Endorsed
  • Dedicated Case Manager
  • Divorce Video Library Available
  • Verifiable Customer Testimonials
  • Lifetime Support After Divorce
  • MyDivorcePapers

  • $159

  • 50 states & DC
  • instant dowload, FEDx & Priority Mail
  • instant download
  • PDF
  • A+
  • iDivorceForms

  • $149

  • 50 states & DC
  • instant dowload, FEDx & Priority Mail
  • instant download
  • PDF
  • A+
  • CompleteCase

  • $299

  • 50 states & DC & parts of Canada
  • instant download or Priority Mail
  • Instant download
  • PDF
  • A+
  • 3StepsDivorce

  • $299

  • 50 states & DC
  • Instant download or Priority Mail
  • Instant download
  • PDF & Word
  • Not available
  • Ready Divorce

  • $159

  • 50 states & DC (Canada Soon)
  • Instant Download, FedEx, or Priority Mail
  • Instant download
  • PDF, Word & Paper
  • Not Available


Closely followed by, was a stiff competitor , but ultimately, gets our pick for its ease of use, price for the value received, user support, continual updating of forms, and its ongoing coverage of the latest divorce happenings.

How You Can Save Money Buying Divorce Forms Online

With any of the services provided above for an online divorce it is in your best interest to settle all matters between you and your spouse, and not involve an attorney unless you just run it by an attorney after all the forms are filled out for your own peace of mind.

The deeper that you go into an attorney-led divorce proceeding, the more likely that animosities can arise that might not have existed had you decided to file for divorce on your own. Plus you may end up with a resulting divorce agreement where neither of you are satisfied.

You will gain significant cost savings in the thousands (or tens of thousands) if you get a divorce attorney and end up going to trial.

Plus, an attorney may not even be necessary depending upon your circumstances.

Wisely choose a service that provides access to the latest court-approved forms, and one that offers guarantees that the service you’re getting will see you through the entire process in an easy-to-understand manner.