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3StepDivorce has been around the longest. They say since 1997. We liked that they offered payment options similar to iDivorceForms.com. Problem is……at twice the price.

Similar Benefits, Similar Drawbacks

White 3StepDivorce has many of the same advantages as CompleteCase.com. There is a downside and that is pricing. It’s services run at $299 and you do get high value for the price from what I can tell. So it would be cheaper for couples rather than hiring an attorney.

Other drawbacks (ignoring price for the moment) – they do not offer easy-to-access case workers like MyDivorcePapers.com and iDivorceForms.com. Also there is no attorney support. DivorceStation.com (a newcomer in divorce preparation services) offers a similar package for one-sixth of the price so the competition will be heating up.

The good news is that 3StepDivorce is still fairly new to the market, and they could have a bright future depending on how they respond to some of the trends ahead.

In Summary

While we wouldn’t rate 3StepDivorce.com in the top three just yet, the service does have tremendous potential to break free and compete well in the future.  We will monitor MyDivorcePapers.com and CompleteCase.com.in the coming year to see how things shake out in the online divorce arena. Also keeping our eyes on 3Step Divorce.com