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CompleteCase.com has been in business for many years and has a good reputation online. It may be hard to validate the reviews, but certainly appears that they must do a good job and their clients writing reviews are happy. I like to see that!

Another positive is that they offer divorce in all 50 US states as well as Canada. Do not see that anyone can make that claim at this time.

Price: That’s My Major Hangup

When you compare the $299 price tag versus hiring an attorney, then CompleteCase.com remains a much cheaper alternative. However, it’s hard to justify paying that much when sites like MyDivorcePapers.com (our No. 1 pick) and iDivorceForms.com (our No. 2 pick) offer the same level of service PLUS the added benefit of a personal case manager…. at close to half the price. That’s a great deal in comparison.

And with newcomers like DivorceStation entering the market utilizing a hybrid system of $50 DIY and $149 (with case manager option), it’s going to get more difficult for CompleteCase.com to compete in the market if prices remain at their current levels.

Still, you don’t get to be on shows like Good Morning America if you’re providing a poor product — well, maybe you do, but either way that’s good marketing.

CompleteCase shows strength in it’s online reputation in spite of it being priced higher than others. You give up the availability of qualified case managers too. If you feel comfortable taking on your divorce without these added values, then CompleteCase may be an option you wish to consider.

In Summary

So I still recommend CompleteCase.com as our No. 3 pick mainly because of it’s higher pricing with less value in the support you would be receiving with a dedicated case manager. Their reputation is hard to deny and their years in business have helped change divorcing spouses realize the positives in a DIY online divorce.