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Payment Options

iDivorceForms.com is similar to 3StepDivorce.com in that both offer a payment plan. Plus the price is cheaper than 3StepDivorce.com and the overall design appears to be easier to navigate. While both sites are affordable, iDivorceForms.com comes out ahead in terms of cost.

At iDivorceForms, you can pay a one-time fee of $149, and they offer two- and three-payment options even though you pay a little bit more. iDivorceForms.com does a good job competing with price on both DivorceWriter.com as well as 3StepDivorce.com.

Positive Third Party Reviews

iDivorceForms.com has established an account with CertifiedComments.com to validate the testimonials.  We like to see that.  It’s a little more expensive, but the Better Business Bureau rating remains an A+ after several years in business. We understand that some customers may find the multiple payment breakdown a more attractive and manageable payment plan than a lump sum payment. There’s plenty of good reviews and the customers seem to be happy.

Increasing the comfort level of the added price is the highly rated customer service value. Many verified testimonials speak to the level of commitment and satisfaction that past customers have had with iDivorceForms.com.  Compared to the costs of other services reviewed at our site, and the value added of attorney-led divorce cases, it’s a pretty incredible value.

In Summary

iDivorceForms.com is a competitively priced product that stands out from other divorce forms services based on its higher level of customer support, its ease of process, and its flexible payment strategy. So in comparison to the best sites on the web that we reviewed for the divorce process, iDivorceForms.com belongs in the top three, and probably just a shade behind MyDivorcePapers.com.