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The Major Intent

TotalDivorce.com is not in the same league as the divorce filing services reviewed on our website doityourselfdivorcereview.com.  They do not pretend to be either. They basically connect divorcing spouses with reputable local attorneys.

TotalDivorce.com is not a solution for the do-it-yourself candidates. Although, it will greatly reduce the headaches in finding a good and reputable attorney.  This it does extremely well, but has only limited offerings if you’re trying to file for divorce on your own.  It should only be used by divorcing couples who are in conflict or who do not feel comfortable doing things on their own.

Possible Drawbacks

Since TotalDivorce.com is a referral service, it’s website is rather bare bones and does not offer much in customer support. You may be looking for an easier, cheaper, and more convenient way out of a marriage, but we believe you will be frustrated with what they offer in resources.

You’ll be doing a lot of reading on your own and you may get irritated from the influx of attorney calls once you’ve given out your contact information.

In Summary

TotalDivorce.com is a great solution for people headed toward an attorney-led divorce.  You will need to give out your information while registering. Having attorney’s compete to handle your divorce is never a bad thing, but realize that if you use a divorce attorney it will cost you in the thousands or tens of thousands or higher in some instances.

Not an affordable solution for divorces when there is not a lot of conflict.